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By Jenny and Joseph 


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Neurodivergent speaking!!

My name is Jen and along with my fabulously autistic Son Joe, we are the co authors of "Celebrating the Neurodiversity Paradigm" Blogs. Where we talk about the importance of validating and empowering language. Autonomy over our identity and my role as his parent to prepare him for adult hood so he is enabled to proudly advocate and identify. 

We reject the pathologizing of neurodivergent people and our blogs hope to contribute to the neurodiversity movement.


adult and young person sitiing in a bench infront of a tree looking happy. A mediam size cockapoo sits next to the adult.

Thank you Joseph, my autistic authentic son. I am your parent but you are my teacher. This blog is dedicated to you. Thank you for being the most transparent person I know. A wonderful, talented neurodivergent human and to help me realise that I, am neurodivergent too!!!! 

Within these blogs you, The reader will find lots of different topics about the importance of autisitc identity and

neurodivergent voices. Empowering and validating language and preparation for adult hood.
I promise Joe, not to post one single word unless you've proof read it first, especially as one of your expertise is spelling!!
Thankyou for providing me with loads of great ideas and keeping me on track!! Joe has asked me to tell you that he loves our dog Cooper, languages, including making up his own, fortnite, drawing characters with a black pen, singing songs in different languages, made up languages, musicals and loves gaming!!! He is also a great mediator!!
Welcome lovely readers,  we hope you enjoy your time with us @Celebrating the neurodiversity paradigm!!

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Jenny's professional experience.

 Over the years Jenny's professional experience has mainly focused on supporting neurodivergent children. young people and their families to find their neurodivergent voices.

 This includes working as a higher level Teaching Assistant,  supported families to navigate "the system," worked as parent carer rep, Ran a parent led Facebook group and website advocating for children's voices and worked as a Nurses Assistant at her local Hospice.


Jenny has recently worked with Humber coast and vale integrated care system on their learning Disability and autism safety and well being review Panel offering scrutiny and assurance of "patient care".

Jenny was due to start an exciting initiative with a local children's charity recording autistic children voices in an authentic way to inform and develop training in schools but unfortunately had to step down due to her child's attendance being so sporadic at the time.(He chooses weather he attends or not) she does not believe in forced attendance.

Below, please find a list of useful links.

All coming from lived experience.

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